Our certificates

At the Parapente Anzère paragliding school, we are convinced that ongoing training and certification are essential to guarantee maximum safety when paragliding. That’s why we offer rigorous training for all our students.

Solo and tandem pilot licences are compulsory if you want to fly alone or with a passenger and be insured (OACS).

These courses include both theory and practice.

We also insist on respecting safety rules in flight and wearing appropriate safety equipment, including a helmet, harness and approved glider.

At Parapente Anzère, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our students and all paragliding enthusiasts.

Solo Pilot certificate

Take to the skies with a paraglider, the world of the air is made for you. Three, two, one, take off!

Tandem pilot certificate

Would you like to fly with your customers and show them the world from above?

Our additional training courses

To help you continue learning to paraglide after you’ve obtained your licence, the Anzère paragliding school currently offers two complementary courses: Cross-country and Thermal.

During the cross-country course, we’ll teach you to fly further and reach exceptional distances and landscapes.

In the thermal course, the aim will be to teach you how to play with thermal currents to extend the duration of your flights.

If you’re looking for a paragliding school in Switzerland, Parapente Anzère is the ideal place to learn to fly safely. We offer comprehensive and rigorous training for all levels, from beginner to experienced pilot.

Our qualified instructors are passionate about paragliding and are committed to helping you achieve your flying goals.

Contact us today to find out more about our paragliding courses and to book your place.

Cross-country training

Always further and always longer. Cross-country is for you.

Thermal flight training

Always higher and always more beautiful.